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Facials Leesville

Here are the facials we have to offer:

Complete Rejuvenation: Relax your mind and body while reducing the signs of age and sun damage.

Our Obagi Medical products are designed to peel away damaged skin while promoting the growth of new, healthy cells. After a deep cleanse and exfoliation, warm towels will be used to open pores and purify your face. Hydration follows with a customized series of nutrient-rich serums to deliver anti-oxidants resulting in improved texture and tone. Relaxing hand, arm and neck massages complete this deeply indulgent treatment. Treatment time is 90 minutes.
Deep Pore Purification: Focused on decreasing acne outbreaks and clogged pores. This therapy combines a deep pore extraction technique utilizing ISOLAZ technology with our Obagi Medical Skin care line. Gentle pore extractions are performed, in addition to a detoxifying mask, leaving visibly smoother and clearer skin. This facial may be repeated every two to six weeks to maintain a clear complexion. Treatment time is 60 minutes.
Targeted Relaxation: Designed to treat conditions of stress and associated headaches. Because lymphatic flow is vital to a good complexion, this uniquely relaxing facial uses lymphatic drainage techniques to boost radiance while relieving the impacts of stress. This therapy includes warm towels,
exfoliation, mask, and hydration. Blended essential oils are massaged into your neck and scalp releasing tension, while your skin is left calm and refreshed. Treatment time is 60 minutes.
Rapid Recovery: When your time is limited but you desire a deep cleanse and hydration, this to-the-point facial can restore your complexion – fast. Your face will be exfoliated, massaged, and hydrated. After a light mask is applied, a shoulder massage will complete your rapid recovery. Treatment time is 30 minutes.