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Our Building

Dr. Lord renovated this property over a two year period and then moved into our beautifully refurbished space in 2011. Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Lord's vision behind our one-of-a-kind clinic and medical spa in Leesville, LA.

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"This building was originally constructed in 1915 as a hardware store. Over the last 100 years, it has been many shops and was last a construction company. I have adored this place since I was little. When it became available for purchase, I recruited an architect from Alexandria to help me convert it to this wellness center. The historic preservation society was very torn over the redo. Technically, I did not have to abide by all of the preservation rules/regulation because it isn’t in the historic district. However, once the rehabilitation was complete, they used my building as an example of urban preservation, with the concept of essentially converting a historic building into a functional space. The goal is to use what we have, while trying to preserve the bricks/mortar and general “feel” of the original building. I purposefully left the bricks exposed with all of their beautiful flaws. The original trusses are exposed too. Then we just built the modern, functional elements into the space to convert it to a modern medical facility. "

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"When I moved home in 2004, there was no art gallery, no art walk, and no venue for local artists. In Galveston, many of the local restaurants changed their art monthly. So, I purposefully started recruiting local artists in 2004 and hung their paintings to promote local talent. From there, we developed art walks and then Gallery One Ellleven in downtown Leesville. I still offer my space to local artists and try to change it regularly. My patients like to see new pieces and it keeps my space alive. "


"My clinic is a boutique experience. The entire environment exudes “SPA”. The smells and sounds are deliberate and for relaxation. I never wanted a “herd scheduling approach”. I have a set number of patient appointments for the day, and we do not double or triple book those slots. Again, I want to have time to visit with each patient."

- Christina Lord MD

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